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Change In Work Is Rest For The Brain.


Dedication. Determination. Devotion.

Agent Of Social Change

Empowering The Differently Abled…

Change In Work Is Rest For The Brain


Leaders drive change. Similarly, changes drive leaders. Dr. Nandedkar has seen both and through his unrelenting attitude for perfection using his 3S philosophy (Satya, Satatya and Sahanshil) has created a culture of being the driver (innovation, creation, transform) as well as the adapter (remodel, accommodate) to change.

Dedication. Determination. Devotion.


Entrepreneurs keep looking around for day-to-day necessities for their inspiration. Dr’s story is no different and he coupled with his brilliant entrepreneurial ability to run multiple and successful businesses. A serial entrepreneur indeed….

Empowering The Differently Abled…


Dr believes that every being on this planet has a divine ability. When harnessed well, it can do wonders. Leading from the front and inspiring many through his own story, he has brought about social change – in thought and action, both.

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