Research Activities

Clinical trials on a new Herbal formulation for anti-diabetic activity. A development of new herbal anti diabetic formulation from Nandurbar and Dhule and its periphery.

Research Technique
► Pharmacognostical evaluation of Crude Drugs
► Phytochemical Isolation of Active constituents
► Pharmacological screening (pre clinical studies)
Specialized Field: Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry, Ayurved , clinical Research and education.

Publications, Presentations and Patents

This section is dedicated to Dr. Ravindra Nandedkar’s scientific publications and presentations

  • Paper Published in Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Medicine, Chennai
  • Poster Presented in International Conference, Held during 3rd to 7th Sept. 2000 at Zurich, Switzerland

    A. Clinical Trials on a new Herbal Formulation for anti-diabetic activity. B. Phytochemical and pharmacological studies on a new alkaloid from roots of Capparis Zeylanica L.

  • Paper Presented to Study Efficacy and Safety of Ayursulin

    A poly herbal formulation in Diabetes mellitus in January 2006 at Ayurcon 2006

  • Patent No. 330/mum/2005

    A process of preparation of a treherbal formulation of treatment of bronchial asthma product thereof.

  • Patent No. 298/mum/2007

    Antidiabetic use of hugonia mystrx plant and its products thereof.

  • Patent No. 2070/mum/2007

    Herbal medicine for antidiabetic polyherbal formulation and its process and product thereof.

  • Patent No. 2071/mum/2007

    Herbal medicine for polyherbal antidiabetic formulation and its process and product thereof.

  • Patent no. 2325/mum/2007

    Documentary on Indian Medicinal plant.


  • Text book of Biochemistry

    Published by Vrunda Publications

  • Simple Notes for Pharmacy Students

    Author of series of ‘Simple notes for Pharmacy students’ by Vrunda Publications

  • Madhumehant

    Editor of a magazine specially for research in Diabetes ‘Madhumehant’

  • Ayursulin Novel

    Developed a novel anti-diabetic herbal formulation, called as “Ayursulin” The formulation was tested on animals at Grant medical college and J. J. Hospital Mumbai, and found to be efficacious than synthetic molecule Glibencamide. Keynote speaker at National Seminar on Diabetes, held at K.C. Ajmera Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Dhule.